• Increasingly strong brand identity
  • Successful established formula
  • Suppliers selected over the years for their excellence and efficiency
  • Continuous support from headquarters
  • Training and refresher courses


Area of competence

  • Recruit and train staff
  • Manage daily operations
  • Develop local marketing
  • Income statement control

Investments required of our Franchisees

  • Franchisees who want to create a Roadhouse Restaurant can choose between different types of contracts, representing various investment methods, which start from €700,000.
  • Franchisees must be in the position to immediately invest 40% of the agreed sum.
    The remaining 60% can be obtained from bank financing.
    Franchisees can take advantage of the partnerships that Roadhouse Restaurant has established with a large number of banks.
  • We require a personal, full-time commitment from our Franchisees. We do not accept individual investors or already existing companies that have diversification and/or investment plans.
  • Monthly payments to be made are: 5% Royalties; 4% Marketing.

  1. Send in your application by filling in the form.
  2. If your application meets our requirements, you will contacted for an interview
    with our Franchising Manager and/or Director of Development.
  3. If the interview is successful, you will need to do a 5-day full-immersion trial at a Roadhouse Restaurant.
  4. Once you've passed the on-site test, you'll begin a 6-month training course: you'll work full-time in one or more Roadhouse Restaurants, starting from ground level positions and working your way up to full management of the restaurant, assisted by our team of managers.
  5. At the end of the training course, if we think you have the right qualifications, your application will be approved by the Roadhouse Restaurant Steering Committee.
    Only at this point will you be offered a Roadhouse Restaurant to begin your collaboration with us.


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